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Example of how to estimate costs of reading e-mails
(From E-mail at the workplace)

At Cograf Comunicaciones we used the above mentioned equation in a financial company operating in Venezuela and other Latin American countries, where we provided consulting services on this topic, and found that it can also be applied in this part of the world.

This company has 480 employees and each receives an average of 40 e-mails per day (almost double the amount received in the British company mentioned before).

These 40 daily messages are valid work-related mails and don't include "spam", which is filtered by the security system installed in theirs mails servers.

In this case, the average time to read each e-mail plus the average time to recover from the interruption was rounded out to 120 seconds (20 seconds less than the estimates for the British company).

In other words, every employee spends an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes a day to read e-mails.

The average salary per minute of all employees was calculated at half a dollar per person, and using the previously calculated time, this means that the cost to read each mail per employee for the company is 1 US$.

Using the equation (ERD x (T1 + T2) x DS x NE) to calculate the annual cost of time to read e-mails every day at this company, we have: 

Average number of e-mails received daily x person (ERD): 40.

Average time to read each message and average time to recover from the interruption (T1 + T2): 2 Minutes.

Average salary per minute in this company (DS): US$ 0.50.

Number of employees (NE): 480.

Base of 250 working days per year.

The bottom line is that the estimated annual cost of the time invested at this company to read work-related e-mails is 4.8 million dollars per year, but if they improved their written communication habits, the company could save at least half a million dollars per year (like the 8% the British company saved).

How to estimate the cost of reading e-mail in your company

You can also use this equation to estimate the cost of the time used to read e-mails in your company (regardless of whether it is large or small, or whether it has many or few employees). You need:

The average number of valid work-related e-mails that your employees read every day.

The average salary per minute of all employees that use e-mail.

Multiply these values, and then multiply the result by 2 (the average minutes required to read each message plus the time to recover from the interruption).

The result is then multiplied by the number of employees and by the 250 working days in a year (as an average). The total will give you an approximate cost of the time spent to read work-related e-mails at your company.

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(Fragment from E-mail at the workplace by Juan Carlos Jimenez. See it at Google Books).

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Example of how to estimate costs
of reading e-mails 

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