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Frequent complaints of recipients
(From E-mail at the workplace)

I want to end this second part with a list of the most frequent complains of our interlocutors, the recipients of our e-mails.

Since the beginning of 2006 I have been collecting answers to the question "What is it you dislike the most about e-mail?" After asking this question to more than 1,000 people in companies of different types and sizes, I almost always receive the same comments, with small differences of form or emphasis.

The following is not a complete of perfectly classified list. What I want to give you, as senders, are references to take into consideration about what your recipients have positioned in their minds, so as to be more efficient when you write your e-mails and be able to use this medium in the most productive manner possible.

What is it that recipients like the least about e-mail?

Chains and spam.

That the number of e-mails received cannot be managed.

Written arguments and counterarguments.

When it is used to cover someone's back.

When the issues can be better solved with a telephone call.

When senders assume that their e-mails have already been read.

When senders intend to establish the priorities of their recipients.

When they come with the "urgent" label.

When they are sent to many people, without clarifying the responsibilities involved.

When we are being accused in front of others, etc.

When messages are too long.

When they are written in capital letters.

When they are loaded with graphic ornaments.

When the attachments are too heavy.

The risk of misinterpreting the message.

The risk of getting a virus and losing information.

That you can't manage everything you receive.

When it is a resource that is not absolutely confidential.

Please feel free to add your complaints to this list. I would also appreciate it very much if you sent me your suggestions to the following address

(Fragment from E-mail at the workplace by Juan Carlos Jimenez. See it at Google Books).

Are we aware of how we use e-mail at workplace?


Frequent complaints of recipients

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